About Us

Those who think the electronic dance scene has lost it innovation, definitely haven’t heard of the brand new Spark & Shade team-up. Uniting the minds of Maxem and Noadja, their melodic sound spreads like a warm glow, adding fuel to fire with their productions, remixes and monthly ‘Audio Treatment’ Podcast. Their energy combined, Spark & Shade have set course to musical bliss,
all from the darker shades of progressive house to the light and airy melodic trance. If you haven’t felt its impact yet, be ready.

Dutch producers and DJ’s Gert van ‘t Wout and Matthijs Duijm both have their share of experience, exploring the endless borders of dance music. Gert, better known as Maxem and one half of the successful Dulac & Dubois project, has rocked stages as far as Brazil and Dubai, looking back on no less than 14 years of experience. With releases on Armada Music and Magic Island, it’s clear that the Dutchman does something right. His sounds caught the ears of Matthijs, who’s shaken the trance scene with his Noadja moniker for seven years already, moving crowds from Amsterdam to Finland and Ibiza. His very own Above All Records is now home to their latest adventure, with musical synergy as their ultimate weapon: Spark & Shade.

The first piece of audio to hit the radio waves is the hotly anticipated Spark & Shade remix of Stefan Viljoen’s ‘Divinity’, a strong, melody-driven production that perfectly shows just how diverse these guys can get. Supported by Armin van Buuren and part of the Asot 2015 Yearmix this has been a kickstarter. Audio Treatment, the monthly S & S outlet, will show you exactly how open their minds are, making it all too exciting to keep an eye on these two. Spark & Shade is the one name of two talents to remember.