Hot Jamm!

Very happy to share that TJ Jackson – Last Night (Spark & Shade Remix) is chosen as Hot Jamm on Spanish Radiostation Jamm FM!

Who remembers the successful group 3T consisting of Taj, Taryll and TJ Jackson?

The sons of Tito Jackson and the nephews of Janet and Michael Jackson, who had hits with “Stuck on You” and “Anything”, which sold over two million copies.

Their 1995 debut album Brotherhood was a big hit across Europe and eight of the twelve songs on “Brotherhood” were written entirely by 3T.

Tito Jackson’s youngest son, TJ Jackson, released his debut EP Obsession in March after several solo singles.

And now TJ Jackson is back with the lead single from his follow-up album, the debut single Last Night is a retro dance groove that TJ Jackson describes as: old school R&B with modern elements with the aim of making music that will stay far beyond.

With the music video released on YouTube on May 29, TJ Jackson on a mission to make his own mark within the incredible legacy of The Jacksons.

The DJ & Producers Duo from the Netherlands, Gert van ’t Wout and Matthijs Duijm had the opportunity to make the remix of Last Night for TJ Jackson.

Their Spark & ​​Shade Remix is ​​something you probably wouldn’t expect, which is why it’s our Hot Jam this week!

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